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Dalia Kadosh has been the owner of Kaden Realty and a licensed real estate broker in New York City since 1983. She has supervised the conversion of numerous co-op buildings, primarily on New York's Upper West Side.

She has represented building sponsors as the exclusive selling agent in the following co-op conversions: The Alden at 225 Central Park West, Nevada Towers at 2025 Broadway, and 3901 Independence Avenue in Riverdale, New York.

During her career Dalia has represented sponsors as well as individual owners and buyers in thousands of rental and sales transactions. For over two decades, Kaden Realty served as the managing agent of The Alden, a Central Park West luxury co-op and retaines priority status as a sales and rental agent in this landmark building. Her diverse experiences and multi faceted perspective equip Ms. Kadosh with a unique knowledge and understanding of the New York City real estate market and the ability to act as a skilled negotiator in representing both sellers and buyers of quality prestige real estate.

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